Meriah L Crawford


My story, "The Light," will be published in the final November issue of Skive in November 2013.

Other 2013 publications include "Promise Kept," a flash piece about wishes; "Gonnagetya," a second-person story about what you might see through a peephole from your hotel room; an essay called "Calisthenics for Trees," about resilience," a revised reprint of my story "It Tore the Laugh from My Throat," about a PI searching for a missing person; two co-written stories with Robert Waters, one of which is "The Persistence of Dreams," which takes place in 17th century Germany and is part of the 1632 series published by Baen. Whew! Busy year!

I'm also hard at work on a dissertation about second person, a novel about a plague-fueled apocalypse, and, when time permits, I sleep. :-)

The Trust & Treachery anthology, which I am co-editing with Day al-Mohamed, is finished with edits, and we hope to be announcing the publishing date very soon!

I will be attending Capclave and Darkover during end of 2013, as well as Marscon and Ravencon in 2014--hope to see you there!

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